thread spools and what I did with them

i collect thread spools

I have been collecting these for a couple of years.  Most of them are made of wood, but a few are styrofoam.  I have been looking for interesting ways to use them without damaging them.

I made them into a peg rack

I saw the idea for a peg rack made of thread spools somewhere, but the designer used wood screws and screwed directly into the spools!  Horrors!  I spent some time finding the right arrangement for the spools, as they come in lots of different sizes.  It worked out well that some of the shorter ones got stacked atop two peices of wood, the taller ones I situated below on the single layer of wood.

I drilled holes where the spools would go

Once I had my layout configured I prepared the wood to attach the spools to it.

making room for the nuts with a paddle bit

This paddle bit did a great job of removing wood from the screw hole so that the finished piece will lay flush against the wall.

back view

Here you can see how the back looks with the hardware installed.

The final arrangement and (mostly) finished piece

Now all that is left for me to do is attach this to the wall.  I had to use tiny washers on some of the spools but most I did not as I wanted to preserve as much of the visual continuity of the spools as possible.  I may disassemble this and patina the screw heads at some point.