visit to the Laurel

me at the Laurel

Chris and I went to the Laurel yesterday for a hike and I really can’t go down there without getting into the water.  I love this place, it may be my favorite place in the world.  I was told I need a picture of my face on this blog so here it is, with part of the rest of me.


I want to be here all the time.  I don’t know if it’s the negative ions from the rushing water, the oxygen from all the plant life, or the dragonfly larvae in my bathing suit, but I always feel better after I’ve been.  I was just kidding about the dragonfly larvae.  I try to get those out as quickly as I can, ’cause they’ll bite.  It’s not too painful, but still.

There were a lot of people camping down by the river for the long weekend, so we probably won’t be going back until Tuesday or later next week.  I usually don’t go on weekends anyway because I like to pretend I own it.


One thought on “visit to the Laurel

  1. I like to do the falls during the week too (when they are empty) so i can pretend that *I* own them. They are my favorite place in the world too and keep me connected with myself 🙂

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