Well, we had a good day!  I did feel that we would’ve had a better booth ambience without all the plastic, so we’re looking into some booth upgrades for the next time.  I am looking for some wooden crates or boxes that we can use instead of the plastic.  I do like the plastic for storage because the soaps don’t lose their scent.

our table before the festival started

I do feel the booth had a sort of boring look.  I will probably make new signs and everything.  But, it’s okay, we did great even though it wasn’t the most spectacular visual experience, so I’m just thinking how great it will be when we get it looking really nice.  We did get a lot of ‘it smells good in here’ so we’re just going to build on the whole concept of making it pleasing to all the senses to lure people into the world of luscious handmade soap.

the booth from outside

We really didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures!  It was a wild day and we each took a spin around the festival a few times, and lots of Asheville friends stopped by to say hi and buy soap.

The seven deadly sins soaps got a lot of attention.  Things are in the works to bring them to Asheville retailers.  Wish me luck everyone!

The other new development is that I got in touch with an old friend to get some goat’s milk from her since my other source is going to dry up soon, literally, and I got the best tasting goat’s milk I’ve ever had.  I think it’s because she loves those goats.  I am going to go out there and blog about her micro-farm one day soon.


2 thoughts on “LAAFF!!

  1. Hey, Elizabeth! The other day I was at AC Moore craft store and they have some great wooden crates, etc. Michael’s probably carries some too. BTW, do you sell the Seven Deadly Sins soaps as a set? For how much each and as a set?

    1. Jenny, I do have seven deadly sins soap as a set, it’s seven sample bars (all bars are at least 1 oz, most are more) and the sets go for $15. I have a few individual ones made, need to make more, and I sell those for $3 ea or 2 for $5.

      I’ve been meaning to ask you if you want my huge stack of old Countrysides and Backwoods Homes. Several years worth, decluttering. Let me know.

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