Autumn flowers medley

october 2010

It is really beautiful here right now and I’ve been taking some pictures of flowers and plants around the place again.  I notice that most of them are blue/purple.  I think these flowers look more blue in real life.  I don’t know what they are, but they’re all over the place around here.

black walnuts

We didn’t get a lot of black walnuts this year but I got enough to stain all my wooden display boxes at least.

tiny sedges
a larger sedge that is a lot like papyrus

I really like the sedges. They are aesthetically pleasing to me, especially this big variety which I like to use inside the house instead of  ‘flowers’.  They have the typical ‘sedges have edges’ triangular shape to the stem, and I can really see how people got the idea to make paper from papyrus whenever I handle them.   This is a shot of the top of the plant.

tiny toadstool
this guy was so tiny. Do you think he would like the tiny toadstool?

I think this frog was only about a 1/2 inch long. I was trying to get some good closeups of some ironweed flowers, Paz (kitty) was trying to get my attention and I heard a strange chirp.  Needless to say I wondered how the cat made that noise until I saw the tiny frog jump onto this leaf.


I brought home some yellowroot plants.

If you know what this plant is, please educate me!

3 thoughts on “Autumn flowers medley

    1. The black walnut has a husk that stains everything black when it touches it. You just peel the husk off (we usually let them get kind of rotted and pour them on the ground and step on them, using our feet to sort of mush the stuff off). We have never had much luck cracking black walnuts, we need the heavy duty nutcracker you can buy for $65. I mean, we’ve driven over them and everything. I did crack one once, with a big heavy rock on the concrete, but it smashed the nutmeat so I could only eat a teeny bit of it. If anyone has one of those nutcrackers I could borrow I’d appreciate it!

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