coffee soap unmolded

yep, it looks like brownies

So, we unmolded the coffee soap today. Soon I am going to get actual coffee essential oil so it will also smell like coffee.  This one has a combination of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, and ginger oils.  I thought it would smell kinda Christmas-ey.  We’ll be able to tell better once the goat milk odor has dissipated.

The coffee (this time I used espresso grind) is for exfoliation purposes.  It also will leave a nice coffee stain in your bathroom if you leave it where it can stay wet.  I keep my old bar in the shower and it hasn’t been a problem, but I plan to try this one as a facial soap, where I feel it may become a problem sink-side.  Just a head’s up if you are planning to get some.

If you have suggestions for other exfoliants..corn meal is one I’ve heard about but have yet to try, chime in!!


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