gluten free pie crust

How do you live through Thanksgiving without pie?  This is one of the triumphs of my gluten free lifestyle.

It is superbly simple.

That is 2.5 cups of white rice flour with .5 tsp salt and 1.5 sticks of butter.  I have found that if you’re using a bland flour like rice you need the butter.  A flavorless oil like palm oil would make a pretty bland crust with rice flour, but works fine with potato.

I cut the butter into the flour/salt mixture just like you would with any crust recipe. 

When the mixture resembles a coarse meal it is time to add the ice water.   It does not form a ball as readily as wheat flour crust does, but when you get enough moisture mixed in it will start to hold together when you squeeze it.

There is no way this stuff could be rolled out like wheat crust.  I sandwich it in between two sheets of waxed paper and roll it out that way.

I have found that if I divide my crust into three balls it makes it easier to make a pie-ish shape (you know, circular) that I can then flip into a pan.

After a little reconstructive surgery the crust will be a fine vehicle for pumpkin pie, and I bake it just like the directions for any other pie crust.

I would like to know how you like this recipe if you try it.  I have used the same proportions with potato flour.  It makes a crust that I feel is more suited to a savory dish, like a pot pie.  You may prefer the potato flour though, as it’s crumb is a lot more tender than the rice, which can be a little on the sandy side, especially if you use brown rice flour.  A mixture of rice and potato is worth a try.


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