holiday 2010 knitting projects

I’ve just finished up a couple of these police line scarves, a holiday order.  I love these, they are quick and fun to knit.  They are yet another project I took from the pages of Craft.  I made a few modifications.  First, I knitted the scarf in such a way as to retain the ribbing all the way down the length of it.

look closely and you can see the rib in the yellow stitches

I think this helps it to stay flat.

I also knitted a hat using some wool yarn that I dyed using natural dyes.  The green and yellow are from osage orange sawdust and the brown is from something called cutch extract which I bought.  Darla is seen modeling it here with one of the police line scarves.

I think I am going to keep this hat for myself, as I really really love it.  Can you have too many hats?

I also knitted a piggy.

He has a curly tail you can almost see in the picture.  He was made of wool that was dyed with madder root.   I used the piggy pattern from The Children’s Year for him.


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