Design Project project

I’d like to work on a good old fashioned design project.  I have been doing a lot of semi-mindless knitting, soap making is not exactly a visual art, and Christmas is coming.

I have a couple of ideas for this Design Project project and would like your opinion about what you would like to see worked up here on my blog.

I have created a poll with a few ideas, mostly to see if I could figure out how to create a poll, so here goes.  If it makes no sense, then you know I did it wrong.



6 thoughts on “Design Project project

  1. I voted for upcycling…can you explain what that is, though?

    P.S. I think a better project would be to knit matching hats for me and Thomas that would be as cool as the sweater with the bunny face on the front and the tail on the back that (I’m almost positive) you made for me when I was a kid.

    We’ll be happy to make a visit to come pick them up sometime this winter. 🙂 Love you and your blog!

    1. Upcycling is just a new-ish word being used to mean remaking the item into something else useful, presumably bettering it in the process.

      I figured one of my nieces might add an ‘other’ vote with something like ‘make my baby a hat’….

      1. That’s what I

        And, yeah…make my baby a hat. 😉 All joking aside, I’m really considering some kind of northernish trip when it snows this year. T. is dying to see snow since we had a little bit last year. He doesn’t realize it’s a once-every-twenty-years occasion here!

  2. Oh my god, I love the police line scarf.

    Claud is so happy to get a bar of Patchouli soap. I am so happy to get the soap for my ole lady dry skin.

    I have an idea for the perfect scarf for the overworked, harried public school teacher:

    “If you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth” I don’t know how long it would take for you to knit that!! Probably half an hour.

    Also, my Chinese girl has these mittens that only go up halfway so your fingers can move and I don’t know where you can buy those? She said “China”.

    1. We have lots of fingerless glove/mitten things here. Do you need a pair?

      Enjoy the soap. Glad Claud likes it too. I made a caution tape scarf too. Probably won’t do the harried public school teacher one though. My next project will probably be the snakeskin. I bought leather to back it with and everything.

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