‘nother snow day project

a pile of t-shirts that I couldn't throw away became this patchwork blanket today

A very quick and dirty job on this blanket of miscellaneous t-shirts here.  The edges are all raw and the seams are exposed.  I did back most of them with another piece of t-shirt.  The Dead Kennedys shirt was showing a lot of signs of wear~

reinforcing around the holes by stitching the front of the shirt to the back

There is some bleach damage to the shirt, but if you look at the white part that is flaking off and away you might see my zigzag stitches.  It is not a beautiful sewing job, but it makes the resulting fabric/blanket a lot more substantial and obviously, less likely to rip apart immediately.

I did feel a bit of a twinge when I snipped into the Butthole Surfers shirt.  I know it doesn’t mean that I am not a punk rock girl anymore, I mean, really, I just listened to Hairway to Steven this morning while sewing this thing, but I couldn’t help but think of one of the TAs in my department in college.  I was trying to make a pair of jester/elf/curly toed slippers out of felt, and she went to look for a book with directions on how to make shoes.  She got this look on her face and said something about how you reach a point when you think you are no longer a hippie and get rid of things then someone needs to borrow your handmade shoe patterns .  She may have made that crazy mistake but I will NEVER give up my handmade shoe or anything else patterns.  Well, I don’t know, those Workbaskets from the ’70s are pretty awful, like almost not even kitschy awful.  The Ayds ads are funny though.  Oh, whatever.  I should not be attached to a t-shirt, neither for itself nor for what it represents.

Stay tuned, it still hasn’t quit snowing yet and who knows what project I will decide to work on tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “‘nother snow day project

  1. hey E! boy, yer blog always makes my day!
    i love the blankey!– Butthole Surfer tees always make me think of Todd Flanders (in one) saying “I’m a Surfer!”
    🙂 ali

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