this may not be in my best interest as your friendly neighborhood soapmaker but…

I just decided recently to try washing my face with oil again. I had started a few years ago and while it seemed ok, it just took up too much extra time and I just didn’t have the patience for it. That said, it really doesn’t take that much extra time! Also, that time, I was using olive oil (which I still believe is a magical substance, don’t get me wrong). Anyhoo, I decided to give it another go because as age and decrepitude advance on me, I started getting this horribly troubling (though not noticeable to anyone but myself) scaly bit of skin on my chin. It’s attitude was “exfoliation, schmexfoliation”. So I decided that maybe I needed to kill it with kindness. Enter coconut oil. I wish I had taken a photo before I started this because my skin looks fabulous today, after only 4 days of this.

So, what I did was I filled a jar (well, actually an empty parmesan cheese container, because I am just all upcycley like that) with coconut oil, the refined stuff I use in my soap, but I’m sure the organic, unrefined stuff I eat is probably better, I just have a bigGER bucket of the soap making stuff. I just take a little out with my regular old fingers and rub it in, while I’m doing that I’m running the water to get it hot because we live in a house where the hot water heater is about a mile from the bathroom sink, and I essentially just leave the oil there to dissolve the crud from my face while the water heats up. Oil dissolves oil, coconut oil has a lot of stearic acid which I happen to know makes for extra bubbly soap. (I’m surmising that this is why it does such a good job at face washing but that’s just my intuitive guess here, I have no education in chemistry other than my own quasi-scientific meddling with dangerous chemicals) Then I take my regular cheapo washcloth, get it good and hot (but not scalding, now, don’t burn yourself!) and lay it on my face to sort of steam heat all that oily goodness for, well, until it cools down a bit and I don’t think it’s doing anything else. Then I rub some of the oil off, rewet/heat the washcloth, wring it out and rub some more. I continue that until my skin doesn’t feel oily anymore. I actually took off so much yesterday that I had to put more oil on because my skin felt tight and dry.

So that’s it! My scales are not completely gone yet but I feel a lot smoother, softer and the bonus is that my wrinkles are less prominent. I’m probably going to try coconut oil in my hair, I usually use olive oil, I get dry ends ever since I quit using shampoo and conditioner (I do the baking soda/vinegar hair wash technique), I have heard that some Indian women use coconut oil in their hair and I want to see how that does my hair.



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