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Sunday I wrote this page about some of the living things here.  I am messing around with the format of the blog and wanted to see if I can easily add new things to this page, seems it should be possible to add new posts to this page like you can on the home page but ???

original post follows, will probably delete this that I am writing now soon anyway.

Woke up to the sound of rain this morning.  When it rains in autumn and washes down the pollen, it’s the perfect time for an afternoon stroll over our property.  It is nice and cool and overcast, with a rainy mistiness and occasional bit of rain even now. I stood under the canopy of the tulip poplars to take most of these pictures of these understory plants.  It rained but I almost never felt a drop under the trees.

an understory treeling, late September

You can tell everything was wet because these pictures are all shiny.

and another

unusual pattern on these leavesI found a tree with Virginia creeper and poison ivy growing right up next to each other on the side of it.  In the fall you can distinguish Virginia creeper from poison ivy more easily when the creeper turns red.

don’t they look alike? red creeper on the left, poison ivy on the right

The hill has a lot of tulip poplars, the tall kind, on it.  They move into anyplace they can faster than other trees, we have a lot of them, so I think that the hill was clearcut.  There are a few mature black walnuts along the bottom of the hill, a couple of mature oak trees and pines around, some dogwoods, and birch.  Oddly there are not many rhododendrons there like all the places adjacent to us, but there are a lot of ferns.

view of the hillside hangout spot

There are other trees in the understory, hemlocks, tiny pine trees, a bunch of small sassafras…. sassafras leavesI decided to come down out of the woods and walk around the yard in the rain.

some people call poke a weed but I think it’s pretty

There are other plants that other people call weeds which I like the look of so I leave them.  The sedges in my yard are so beautiful to me.  I did not get any good pictures of them today though.  Got a few good shots of vegetables…

purple vienna kohlrabi

I am not very good at getting my camera, which is admittedly a pretty cheap one, to focus on the things I want in focus.  It’s also a camera that only works for taking pictures of people or other living things if you are psychic, because it is so slow.  I only get about 1/4 of my pictures to turn out decently.

cabbage, I forget which variety

There are some other things out there that I will be posting pictures of later on too, the asparagus is looking really lush, for example, but today I had horrible luck with photographing it.  Some of it has red berries.  I ate a few stalks too, and some sprouting broccoli.

broccoli plants from earlier this year still making florets

Then we gathered the eggs from the hens and came in for a cup of tea.


4 thoughts on “Recent Posts

  1. Elizabeth, You must have a little of our Martin side in you, I’ve always loved the woods and nature, and growing things. Lovely place you have there,and chickens as well, fresh HEN APPLES, Yum. Let me see if Regina would like to place an order with me for some soaps for Alyson. Kristi may be interested as well, she is into health food,Veggan stuff. I guess all the young actresses in her group are into that.

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