The Dietary Adventure

Okay. You probably noticed that I have several mentions of gluten free food on my blog, because I have been on a gluten free diet for years. Most people say “Oh my god, I could never give up <insert favorite gluteney food here>”.   Yeah, I thought so too, until I realized that I did not have acid reflux disease, I have a gluten intolerance. Turns out when you realize a food makes you feel sick, it’s not so hard to give it up. I do miss good beer, and of course people like to say ‘Oh, there’s gluten free beer’. Yeah. There’s also imitation bacon. No thanks.

So anyway, for years I have substituted other grain based breads and tortillas and pastas for the wheat stuff…and I didn’t lose any weight. In fact my weight crept up to 216 lbs by the end of last winter. YIKES! I even went to the doctor to try to figure out how to handle it. Not helpful. They just told me to eat 1800 calories a day and exercise. Duh. The problem is, that doesn’t help if you’re hungry all the time on that amount of calories. I would just be bitchy and then overeat anyway. So finally, one night I binged on some horribly disgusting yet delicious candy, and I did not have my usual hypoglycemic crash afterward. I felt very strange, and assumed it was from high blood sugar. Diabetes, both types, runs in my family, so of course I realized that if I were not already diabetic, I was at least pre-diabetic and better stop eating sugar. I quit it the next day. Unfortunately, though, I soon realized that eating rice, rice pasta or rice bread also did the same thing. So I quit eating those. And I started losing weight. Because as it turns out, eating those carbohydrates was causing me to feel an inordinate amount of hunger. I realized that my weight problem has been caused by the carbohydrates all along. All those times I tried to lose weight eating a low fat diet and ate lots of whole grains and walked around hungry and cranky all the time…totally opposite of what I needed. I’m not saying the diet industry has been lying to us all this time, but I sure felt pretty betrayed when I figured out that I can eat bacon and eggs every day and lose weight by leaving out the toast.

So far, it has been about six months and I have lost about 40 lbs. I recently gave up dairy, too. I have asthma and allergies and have been meaning to try going off dairy for a long time, but was just afraid I would not know what to eat if I did. A few weeks ago I decided to go on a candida detox, because I take an inhaled steroid for my asthma and it predisposes one to build up yeast. I got a freaky armpit rash that lasted for months which I finally got rid of with monistat. Anyway…I took this product that was recommended to me called Candex, looked up what foods to avoid (most of which I was already off anyway) and decided to go dairy free just to see if it helps clear my respiratory system. So far it doesn’t seem to have improved much since I quit the dairy. Anyway, when I did the candida detox, I felt really really sick for about 2 days. I am pretty sure it was the die off, all the sources that I read said that can happen if you have a lot of it. After the initial illness went away (during which my husband said I smelled funky, but I couldn’t smell it, though that was listed as a symptom of the die off too), I decided that I didn’t need to stay off dairy anymore. I ate a burrito loaded with cheese, and about 2 hours later I noticed that there was a dramatic increase in my armpit odor. I mean, if I had been a cartoon person there would have been visible stink waves emanating from the armpit region. I have always been rather pungent if I don’t shower and use some kind of deodorant, but honestly, never before in my life had I gone without dairy, so I had no idea it was doing that to me. So, I decided to try organic cheese. Same result. Went without dairy for a few more days and definitely noticed that I did not need deodorant for like, 3 days. Then I ate some mashed potatos made with milk. Even that little amount of dairy made me wake up stinkin’. So I thought, I’ll buy some rice cheese just to have something until I made the transition. Which sounds like a good idea, until I realized the one I bought at the grocery store has casein. I didn’t read the ingredients well enough because I’m getting all old and my vision cannot make out those teeny letters anymore. I went around for a few days saying “maybe it’s not the dairy” because I was definitely not un-smelly like I had been for the time I was totally off dairy. Cue the lightbulb over the head which prompts me to read the cheese ingredients. Duh.

For months or maybe years, I have been complaining that my fingernails have been crumbling due to my steroid use. Well, it has been long enough since I killed (presumably) my candida overgrowth to have some fingernail growth, and lo and behold, they’re back to normal. Who knew? I am planning to continue this way just to try to make sure I don’t have any more candida overgrowth problems. I am eating some pie tomorrow though. I have found, though, that if you’re not used to it, sugar is really really sweet. I have been having some carbs here and there, because I noticed on a completely grain free diet that I got really deficient in B vitamins which really does cause some depression issues. I take vitamins but there is something a little weird to me about getting all your b vitamins from a pill. I don’t have the same crazy blood sugar reaction now that I’ve lost some weight anyway. So mostly I stick to stuff like organic corn (in cornbread form, sometimes tortillas or tortilla chips, though those are not exactly ‘health food’) and a few brown rice preparations like tortillas. I do notice the rice products tend to increase my feelings of hunger later, so I eat those very sparingly. Interestingly, potatoes do not seem to make me especially hungry later on. I read somewhere about ‘resistant starch’ in potatoes but I can’t remember where, surprise surprise. Anyhoo, I’ve been eating the grain products really sparingly and paying attention to my level of hunger. I can eat a small amount each day (I’ll say less than 20 grams or so) and be fine. But I don’t eat it every day. I still want to lose more weight. I would say I want to take off another 30 lbs or so. But I’m now down to my pre-pregnancy size (wow, that only took 16 years) and I’m feeling pretty good. I am starting to feel like I have more energy, I thought that would have happened sooner, really, but better late than never. I am also doing yoga at least twice a week but trying to get more practice in. I still have the chronic sinus/asthma crap going on. I just unearthed more mold in my closet…not good. That always gives me breathing problems. Working on getting that cleared up.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or pertinent information to add, please, fire away!!


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